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Guests reviews bed and breakfast Smerillo
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Reviews about Agriturismo Contrada Durano
Leila Haddad and Livio Pozzi from Italy posted this review on: 08 November 2009
period of stay: JULY, 2009 | score: 10
review about Agriturismo Contrada Durano

Yes, to us it is a 10. We were welcomed as part of the family. We really felt at home from the beginning. Our room was very comfortable and spacious. The whole atmosphere of the Agriturismo is warm, welcoming and friendly. Concetta and Jim are just wonderful hosts and Concetta is a real "Cordon Bleu". Her dishes were just delicious. The area is beautiful and the view is just breathtaking. The only "black point" is the parking area. Thanks to Jim and Concetta we enjoyed our stay and hope to return soon.

Cheryl from United States posted this review on: 13 October 2009
period of stay: SEPTEMBER, 2009 | score: 10
review about Agriturismo Contrada Durano

We are not "B & B People", because we normally prefer to keep to ourselves when we travel. Contrada Durano is like no other experience. The accommodations are beautiful and unique, the food is surely the best in the area and our hosts, James and Concetta go out of their way to make everyone comfortable and to feel welcome. The evening dining experience is especially engaging, and a lovely way to begin one's Italian holiday. Simply superb!

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