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Reviews about Alloro B&B
Manchester from not available posted this review on: 06 March 2009
period of stay: SEPTEMBER, 2008 | score: 10
review about Alloro B&B

This is a fantastic place to stay in Florence and by far the best budget B&B I've ever stayed in in Italy! It is right in heart of the city, very close to all the attractions and only five minutes walk from the train station. The room we stayed in was very clean and tastefully furnished with a large bathroom with complimentary toiletries - luxury! The room also had a fridge and tea and coffee facilities. There was also air conditioning which was a great bonus and a welcome relief from the heat of the city. A more than adeqate breakfast was provided each morning in our room which really helped set us up for a hard days sightseeing. Lastly, the staff at the Alloro were excellent, very helpful and friendly. We had a great stay there and will certainly go back to the Alloro next time we visit Florence.

Martin and Annmari from United Kingdom posted this review on: 03 March 2009
period of stay: FEBRUARY, 2009 | score: 9
review about Alloro B&B

Thank you very much for a lovely stay - the room was fabulous and the breakfast excellent.

stephen spiteri from Malta posted this review on: 07 February 2009
period of stay: FEBRUARY, 2009 | score: 10
review about Alloro B&B

The b&b was excellent. They make the most to please you and are very accomodating and flexible. They are not intrusive at all The property it situated just right between train station and the Duomo (5-6 mins from each). On foot it took me 1.5 hrs (without stopping) to travel ALL the main spots on that side of the river. Prices are reasonable too. Next time I will go there for sure.

James and Rosemary Osman from United States posted this review on: 08 January 2009
period of stay: DECEMBER, 2008 | score: 9
review about Alloro B&B

My wife and I actually stayed at Alloro B&B from Dec 26, 2008 to Jan 4, 2009. We found Alloro to be secure, clean, comfortable, and very accessible to the center of Florence. We were only about a block and a half from the Duomo. The continental breakfast was enjoyable, though non American, and the coffee was great, as were all Italian coffees we sampled. Cristian, the concierge, and his assistant, were very accomodating and helpful in making daily plans and reservations. We would recommend it to our friends and anyone else looking for that kind of lodging. It was a charming and relaxing place to stay.

Charleston from United States posted this review on: 05 January 2009
period of stay: DECEMBER, 2008 | score: 10
review about Alloro B&B

This is an excellent bed and Breakfast! We stayed 2 nights in the "red room". The room was beautifully decorated and one of the best rooms we have stayed in, ever! Lots of space, nice breakfast area in the room, a couch, huge windows and a BIG bathroom as well! A nice collection of Wine bottles with glasses, which we made a point to use. Continental breakfast was good. We had requested an earlier than usual breakfast - which was accomodated. Great location: 5 minutes walk from the SMN train station, few minutes walk from the Duomo, and Uffizzi and San Lorenzo. Would higly recommend it!

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