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Bed and breakfast in Italy, Reviews - AUGUST 2009
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A casa di Serena Rome
The Manley Family, United States - posted: 14 August 2009
stay: JUNE, 2009 | score: 10
Serena is a marvelous hostess with a powerful sense of what it takes to welcome and relax you after a hectic day of travel. We enjoyed room 5, the family room, with calming blue decor, a private bath with lots of space for a Rome hotel, and a large outdoor patio. As stated, Serena welcomed us on a hot afternoon with cool peach tea. A tray with gift boxed chocolate treats and champagne sat on one bed, and cold bottled water awaited in the mini-refrigerator. There was a flat panel television mounted close to the high ceilings and she sat with us for 30 minutes explaining the room and preparing us for a couple of days in Rome. Serena's is not a full-service hotel. There are only 5 rooms, and there is a hall bath that might be shared. Imagine you have a wealthy Roman cousin who has offered you her place in town and you'll understand. You feel the place is your own - you have a set of keys (for the buildings outer and inner doors, the main door to the B&B, and your room) and you'll rarely run into another guest. The building is quiet and solid and feels safe, with a gated entry and strong metal shutters which Serena asks that you lock when out of the room. The neighborhood did not feel upscale, but neither was it frightening. We came and went at any hour and the streets were well-lit and busy. Your walk to St Peter's square is about 20 minutes. If it's hot, you'll want to be sure to choose the side of the street in shadow. The closest city attraction is the Vatican Museum. Next closest is the east entrance of St Peter's Square. Anything else is easily accessible by metro, only one block from Serena's. If you're new to Rome, we recommend finding the bus stop directly in front of St Peter's Square and taking one of the double decker city tour busses. The red '110' busses were the most plentiful, which is good if you don't want to wait long for the next bus. We took the also-red CityTours Rome bus, which came often enough and had an interesting narration. Serena has relationships with antico caffe Doria, just across the street and down about a block, for the 'breakfast' part of the B&B experience. It is a typical Roman cafe with fresh and delicious pastries and of course wonderful espresso. You are entitled to a pastry, espresso, and juice daily, and it's a great place to pick up a few bottled drinks for your day of walking in Rome. Upon departure, make sure to ask for Alex to take you to the airport. His charges are more reasonable than the car you arrived in, I promise, and he is a polite and friendly gentleman we were pleased to have met. A Casa di Serena is charming enough (and being in Rome helps, of course) to make my top 10 list of places I have personally stayed in my life. It is unique, clean, comfortable, calm, and welcoming. On my next visit to Rome, I will spend at least 3-4 days with Serena, perhaps more, and will be sad when I leave.
Reply posted by the innkeeper:
Dear "Manley Family", thank you for the beautiful review! I am so happy that you liked your room and found it to be comfortable and also liked the homage in the room. These are a few ways to say thanks to my guests! Please return to Rome and stay with us, you were wonderful guests! Thank you again for choosing my B&B "A casa di Serena"! Serena
Tel: 0039 06 39735570  e-mail website
A casa di Serena
bed and breakfast
€ 90,00 per room per night
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A casa di Serena Rome
Barry McCallum, Canada - posted: 04 August 2009
stay: JUNE, 2009 | score: 10
I have travelled extensively, on six continents. A casa di Serena was better than we ever imagined.Beautifully decorated, it was like staying in a luxury art gallery. Attentive service, great location. Breakfast is served at a cafe accross the street. Nice people. Great coffee. Very accomodating. We arrived by car. Easy to find. Only negative was the bathroom, though private, was down the hall, outside your room. I would highly recommend A casa di Serena!
Reply posted by the innkeeper:
Dear Barry,thank you for your lovely review! I'm very happy to read all of the nice comments written about my B&B! Thanks you very much for your detailed message and we hope to see you soon in Rome! ...You have been wonderful guests! Serena
Tel: 0039 06 39735570  e-mail website
A casa di Serena
bed and breakfast
€ 90,00 per room per night
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A casa di Serena Rome
Anastasia, Russia - posted: 04 August 2009
stay: JUNE, 2009 | score: 10
Cosy and comfortable apartments, very attentive, helpful and hospitable people made our stay in Rome pleasant and full of positive emotions. I will definitely choose A Casa di Serena for my future visits and recommend to my friends.
Reply posted by the innkeeper:
Dear Anastasia, thank your for wonderful review and I am flattered by your 10 rating! Thanks again! Serena
Tel: 0039 06 39735570  e-mail website
A casa di Serena
bed and breakfast
€ 90,00 per room per night
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Ai Cartari Palermo
Kimberley, Australia - posted: 02 August 2009
stay: MARCH, 2009 | score: 8
We were very happy with our stay at Ai Catari. It is such a lovely house and the hosts are very welcoming. We stayed in the apartment downstairs which I can heartily recommend as you have your own door to come and go as you please. My only criticism, and it is a very small one, is that the pastries that Rosie serves each morning for breakfast were so delicious that I couldn't stop eating them. The B&B is in a fantastic location with some fabulous restaurants and wine bars literally downstairs.
Tel: 091 6116372  e-mail website
Ai Cartari
bed and breakfast
€ 110,00 per room per night
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