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Bed and breakfast in Italy, Reviews - JULY 2009
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B&B A Casa di Lia - Home in Rome Rome
Paola, United States - posted: 30 July 2009
stay: OCTOBER, 2008 | score: 10
I have stayed at A Casa di Lia a few times and each time was terrific. Lia is a very helpful, warm hostess. She was very accommodating to all of our needs. Our room was very clean. Breakfast was included and it was very good. Prices for rooms are very reasonaable too. It is located in a a nice neighborhood, within walking distance to all major sights. I highly recommend A Casa di Lia and will stay there on all of my visits to Italia! Paola
Tel: 339 2373563  e-mail website
B&B A Casa di Lia - Home in Rome
bed and breakfast
€ 70,00 per room per night
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Amarcord Rome
Bridgette, United States - posted: 29 July 2009
stay: JULY, 2009 | score: 9
The Armacord was a very safe, clean and pleasant B&B. It fit our rooming situation perfectly with 2 parents and 3 teens in 2 very spacious rooms. The building was centrally located to the subway, stores restaurants and the sights. Easy walking distance to the Colesium and forums and the subway takes you everywhere else! The bathrooms were very clean and well appointed. Our only issue was with the power going out for a short time but the response to our problem was very quick and corrected. I would recommend this B&B to anyone who wants good quality lodging at a reasonable price.
Reply posted by the innkeeper:
Dear Bridgette, thank you for your message, we hope to see you again in Rome in our B&B. Thank you. The AMARCORD B&B Staff
Tel: 06 77250543  e-mail  
bed and breakfast
€ 65,00 per room per night
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B&B A Casa di Lia - Home in Rome Rome
Julien, France - posted: 25 July 2009
stay: MAY, 2009 | score: 9
I spent 3 nights in Lia's B&B for my mother's birthday. We really enjoyed it as it was perfectly located in a nice neighbourhood and close to all main attractions. Lia is a perfect hostess and she pays a lot of attention to well-being of her customers. When she knew it was my mother's birthday, she even brought her some flowers the day after. Recommended big times!!
Tel: 339 2373563  e-mail website
B&B A Casa di Lia - Home in Rome
bed and breakfast
€ 70,00 per room per night
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A casa di Serena Rome
Casi Cameron, United States - posted: 09 July 2009
stay: JUNE, 2009 | score: 9
Our stay was amazing. It was a great location very near the Metro station and a short walk to the Vatican. I went with three friends and the four of us were very comfortable in the room. Serena was amazing. She was very interested in making sure that our trip was enjoyable. She gave us tips about the city and places to go. She was very helpful. Thanks so much for everything!
Tel: 0039 06 39735570  e-mail website
A casa di Serena
bed and breakfast
€ 90,00 per room per night
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Amarcord Rome
Maurice, Netherlands - posted: 03 July 2009
stay: JUNE, 2009 | score: 8
A clean room, a good bed and a working shower is all you need when everything else is in the eternal city ;-) Breakfast was served at a very close bar: perfect cappucino (served as latte arte as well) and a very fresh croissant (cornetto). We're all told in our touristguides that's all italians have for breakfast: if you're more hungry in the morning you can buy extra cornetto's, sandwiches or whatever you like there also. There is no "hoteldesk": if you have any questions you can call a number (of the owners I guess) who will politely and in english answer your questions and take care of your needs, although I did not need it. At your check-in you will be awaited (if you call the number on time) by a friendly man who cannot speak english, but with hand, feet and french you'll manage :-) Across the street is a good pizzeria (bad wine, good pizza's) and really just around the corner a good restaurant (Romantica: no it really is a restaurant) with decent local specialities. If you're looking for loungerooms, someone to carry your bags, a candy on your pillow and paying over a 100,- a night: please look further. But if you want to stay in Rome because of Rome and need a decent, clean and cool (airco!) place to sleep and shower, and save money for the better restaurants & souvenirs, this is it!
Reply posted by the innkeeper:
Dear Maurice, thank you for your message. I Think you got the sense of our B&B service, trying to keep rates as low as possible but offering a good service with all the main facilities: very clean and comfortable rooms, heating, airconditioning, large and working bathrooms,and a basic italian breakfast that guests can increase as they want (without paying for it in advance on the room price). Our staff is ready as well to help guests and to offer any assistance if needed. Thank you. The AMARCORD B&B Staff.
Tel: 06 77250543  e-mail  
bed and breakfast
€ 65,00 per room per night
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A casa di Serena Rome
rezgui, Germany - posted: 02 July 2009
stay: JUNE, 2009 | score: 10
Buona sera, the roome we had was very very nice, most of all the great terrasse :-) we enjoyed your services, and the "welcome-prosecco" thank you very much, we will come again, this is for sure, have a nice time, arrivederci, Simone Fath-Rezgui
Tel: 0039 06 39735570  e-mail website
A casa di Serena
bed and breakfast
€ 90,00 per room per night
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